Artist Statement

As artists, creating with molten glass is exhilarating.  The ability to manipulate the material has been a long journey.  Mastering the fine craft of glassblowing and now utilizing our abilities to express ideas through art is our passion.  

We learned to respect glass blowing as a craft before using it as an art form.  We are now free to dream up designs and make them a reality.  We feel liberated as we work with glass in many different aspects. Hot and cold processes are evident in our pieces and are used effectively to achieve what is desired. 

- Tim and Katherine McManus, 2012

Artist Bio

 Tim and Katherine McManus studied the art of Glassblowing at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario from 1994 to1997. In 1998, Tim spent his fourth year of study attending the University of Helsinki, Finland for Glass Design, while Katherine took a one-year residency program at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga, Ontario. In 1999, this creative team built Blown Away Glass Studio in Elora, Ontario, which has established itself as a successful gallery offering residency and student programs, and which now employs a staff with Tim and Katherine residing as the studio heads. Working as teachers, this pair has provided private and group instruction on the fine art of glassblowing for almost 15 years. Many of their students are now prominent in the glass industry, some, for example, moving on to become teachers at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario and others are now heading programs at the Glass Arts Association of Canada. In 2010, Katherine and Tim took on a new challenge and partnered with fellow artists in founding the AllSorts Gallery in Hamilton, Ontario, they have since left the gallery.

Katherine and Tim are a collaborative team working to design and produce blown glass sculptures, chandeliers and everyday objects in a contemporary style. In this collaboration, Tim possesses the technical skills to work with all manners of glass and to carry out its methodic construction – not only paying attention to colour and shape but also to the texture and translucency of the glass itself; whilst Katherine offers her creative talent as a visionary, with excellent ability to see the overall concept and design as well as the flow of the glass presentation as a final piece. Tim and Katherine have won numerous awards for Excellence in Craftsmanship and Design both locally and in the International arena. From 2001 to 2009, this team received recognition for such titles as: “Best in Show”, the “Collectors Choice Award”, “Award of Excellence”, the “Purchase Award”, the “Jury Award”, and “Honorable Mention” at art festivals throughout New York, Michigan, Illinois, Florida and Connecticut, and they also placed in the top 3 at several of these locales. Locally, in 2007, Katherine and Tim won “Best in Show” at the Elora “Art in the Yard” festival, in Ontario, Canada, where their studio is located, and were recently awarded the 2012 “Skilled Trade Award of Excellence” from the Wellington Chamber of Commerce in Ontario, Canada.

This artistic team is involved with many custom projects ranging from lighting to corporate gifts and awards, often traveling throughout North America. With the ability to carry out site-specific installations in any structural environment, Katherine and Tim work very closely with their clients to ensure that the tastes of the client are reflected in the design ideas.   They also collaborate with a community of specialists when non-glass materials are to be used in custom pieces, contracting out work, for example, with local blacksmiths, jewelers, carpenters, etc. This collaboration can be seen in the dining room of the President of the Mississauga Arts Council, Bohdan Shulakewych, who contracted Blown Away Glass Studio to create a custom glass chandelier measuring six feet in length with a four-foot width. For this contract, local blacksmith, Tony Moore, of Live Iron Forge in Holstein, Ontario, provided a hand-forged armature as the framework for the chandelier. Tim and Katherine’s work has also been given as gifts to foreign dignitaries by the Canadian Government and can be recognized in the art collections of Prime Minister Harper and the Canadian Clay and Glass Museum in Waterloo, Ontario, among others.

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