Tim and Katherine have been teaching
glassblowing since 1999. Their goal is to teach
the students how to use all the equipment and
tools properly so they can some day create
their own glass designs. After one twelve week course
our students are able to rent out the
studio space to blow glass alone. It's a friendly
learning atmosphere, many of our students rent out
blow slots together to help each other blow.

Glass blowing classes are held at the studio in Elora, 20 minutes north of Guelph or 1.5 hours drive north west of Toronto.

Personalized Gift Certificates are available for:
One Hot Dates; Second Base Dates; One Hot Christmas Gifts; One Hot Valentine's Day Gifts; One Hot Birthday Gifts;
One Hot Mother's/Father's Day Gift; Weekend Workshops and 12 Week Courses!


Hi Tim

Just wanted to tell you that we love our paper weights and glasses. Here you can see we are using them. We have told several people about our experience at your studio and they are all interested in trying it too! Thanks again for a great experience!

Sharon & Sherry

Hi Tim and Katherine

I want to thank you for a tremendously successful program with our Annual Meeting companions.  They absolutely raved about the experience and LOVED receiving their pieces the next day.  It was very kind of you to include a couple of balls for those who didn't want to participate.  They were thrilled.

I am so glad that we could include some local artisan culture in our program.  It's very important to us to support local small business.  

All the best,

Jeannie Shore
Manager, Member & Co-operative Relations

Thank you for all your patience this weekend. I am very pleased with the results and cannot wait to see yesterdays work.
You have great teaching skills. We learned quite a bit for a short period of time.
Cynthia Lis

Hello Katherine (and Tim),
Thank you so much for such a great day! We were all so excited to give this a try and you were a wonderful teacher. The kids had an awesome time learning a new skill and working together on their pieces. I enjoyed every bit of it – creating our own works of art (including my funky non-drinking wineglass) and watching everyone enjoy themselves. We’ve had so many compliments on our creations – I have been recommending you to everyone!
Thank you again for spending so much time with us and making this a memorable family event.
Teresa Wunsche

Hey Tim & Katherine,

We would just like to say thanks for the awesome time! We had a great time learning and creating in the studio and just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the time and effort you guys put in to allow people like us to have the opportunity to learn how to blow glass.  We are extremely happy with how our pieces turned out and will definitely be returning in the future to craft up even more things!

Thanks again and best of luck,

Jake & Madison

Hello Tim,
               Thanks again, was a truly unique and extremely cool experience.  We both had a great time.  Checked out the Gorge after on your advise. What a great sight and a beautiful town.  Really enjoyed the day, was one not soon forgotten. Thanks so much.

Sue & Brian

Hi Katherine,

My husband Sal and I came to your studio in January for "One Hot Date". My husband is still talking about it and waiting to finish one of his university classes before he signs up for the 12 week course.

We loved the experience we had so much that I posted pictures and a writeup about it on my blog about Italian-Canadian lifestyle/culture/cooking. You can find the blog posting here:  http://lauradamelio.com/italiancanadianlife/2012/02/21/italian-canadian-glass-art-and-glassblowing/ 

Just thought you might want to know. Thanks so much for the time you spent with us. We'll be seeing you again!


Laura D'Amelio


I have been blowing glass as a hobby for probably 10 years now, and have taken lessons from, probably most of if not all the top glass blowers in Ontario. Likewise I have blown at many different studios.

I would rate Tim and Katherine as probably the best teachers, I have had. They taught me how to blow as a beginner, and I still regularly take lessons from them.  They are able to match their teaching with my skill level, not a very common attribute.

The quality of facilities in glass blowing varies tremendously. Their facilities are first rate, and the quality of molten glass they use is simply the best money can buy. Only a few studios use this quality of glass, and none of the primarily teaching locations use it.

Simply put, I think you will not find better teachers, or a better location to take glass blowing lessons, regardless of your level.


Rodger Crane

Try your own
like Rick Mercer's
Have a party here - Birthday, Bachelorette, Christmas Parties - $500.00

For younger participants they can chose colours for their ornaments and help make them
by blowing into the pipe and watch their ball expand!!

Adult parties can choose from ornaments, paperweights or drinking glasses (beer steins, martini glasses, whatever!)

Bring refreshments; a cake and your own playlist and we will play it for you! The party's here!

Family Party testimonial: Thank you for sharing your talent and knowledge about glassblowing. Tim and Katherine,
you have both mastered the ability to quickly , effectively ,  and patiently pass on your
Knowledge and skill to the novice, while allowing the student to create. We had a fantastic experience at our family workshop.
They say the best way to advertise is to please your customers, which you have successfully accomplished.
Let our voices be heard, as we Promote Blown Away Glass, Elora .
Thank you,
Susan, Don, Travis, Andrea, Aaron, Kirsten, Rebbecca, and Matt.


4 Day SUMMER Workshops

Tuesday thru Friday July 24th - 27th, 2018 from 10-4 ONE SPOT LEFT
Whether you are new to glassblowing or have taken many workshops before, this is a fantastic way to build your skills!
During a 4 day intensive workshop you will work on blowing forms with different colour applications
of your choice. The students will work together and be involved with each piece.
The repetition will greatly advance your skillset and will bring you to a much higher level.
$700.00 per student - up to 6 students per class. ONE SPOT LEFT


One Hot Date! - 2 hour private workshop for two!
Learn the seductive process of glassblowing with someone special and the pieces you make you can keep to remember.

Glass blowing One Hot Date Workshops are perfect wedding or anniversary gifts for friends or each other!
$295.00 per couple. Call to book your One Hot Date 519-846-8268.
Other 2 hour private workshops for two for $295.00/couple available are:

One Hot Christmas Gifts; One Hot Valentine's Day Gifts; One Hot Birthday Gifts;
One Scary Date (on Hallowe'en); One Hot Mother's/Father's Day Gifts

First Base Date! - 2 hour private workshop for two! - Pre-requisite One Hot Date
Now that you have experienced the exciting and
challenging process of glassblowing with someone special you want to take a step further to make vases or bowls and get to
First Base.
$295.00 per couple. Call or email to get to First Base 519-846-8268 tk@blownawayglassstudio.com.

Second Base Date!! - Pre-requisite First Base Date
2 hour private workshop for two!
Make something of your own design! Use your previous experience to design bigger more elaborate pieces such as platters, bowls, vases!
$295.00 per couple. Call or email to get to
Second Base! 519-846-8268 tk@blownawayglassstudio.com.

Third Base Date!!! - Pre-requisite Second Base Date
2 hour private workshop for two!
Make something of your own design! Use your previous experience to design bigger more elaborate pieces such as blown vessels for pendant lighting or something of your own design!
$295.00 per couple. Call or email to get to
Third Base!!! 519-846-8268 tk@blownawayglassstudio.com.

Homerun Date!!!! - Pre-requisite Third Base Date
2 hour private workshop for two!
Now you have quite a bit of experience, you will be able to design something outstanding!
$295.00 per couple. Call to get a
Homerun lol!
Thank you Ty and Amanda our first Homerun hitters!!!!

Grand Slam Date!!!! - Pre-requisite Homerun Date
2 hour private workshop for two!
What you make is a secret but you won't be disappointed!
$295.00 per couple. Call to hit a
Grand Slam!

Extra Innings! - Pre-requisite Grand Slam
2 hour private workshop for two!
Do you want to keep blowing glass but can't make it Tuesday nights? We will teach you new design techniques or keep working on the basic principals or glassblowing until you perfect them.
$295.00 per couple. Call to
book your Extra Innings!

Third Wheel Date!!! Want to do a One Hot Date! but have three people?
3 hour private workshop for three people!
All three of you will make a paperweight and drinking glass in the colours of your choice.
$450.00 per threesome. Call to book in for a 3 hour timeslot

Double Date!!! Want to go on a One Hot Date with another couple?
You can each do a One Hot Date at the same time!
All four of you will make a paperweight and drinking glass in the colours of your choice.
$550.00 per foursome. Call to book in for a 2 hour timeslot

Private workshops! - Perfect if you are a beginner or have experience at any level.
We will teach you how to turn molten glass into beautiful pieces for you to collect or build a body of work for you to start a career.
If you work with one or two other people you will each assist the gaffer on each piece which will expand your abilities to create
more elaborate pieces such as adding elements like lip wraps, other bit work or blowing larger pieces.
$200.00/hour +HST for one person
$250.00/hour + HST for two people
$300.00/hour + HST for three people

Weekend Workshop: $450.00 plus tax Sat & Sun 10 - 4 PM

A great introduction to the material for beginner's.
You'll learn how to blow molten glass into glass art pieces!
Each student makes approximately 8 pieces each!
Including paperweights; suncatchers and drinking vessels Saturday.
Then your own designs all day Sunday!

Weekend Workshop schedule 2018:

open - August 18th & 19, 2018
open - September 8th & 9th, 2018
open - October 27th & 28th, 2018

Workshops are a great gift idea!

Team Building Workshops!!!

We have hosted team building events for years and
have a great time with the people we meet. They all love trying glassblowing and
most of them have never done anything like this before!


Team Building I: Your team can come and try their hands at
the art of glassblowing. They will each create their own
paperweight or blown ornament...with the help of the other team members!
Each member will
get to choose the colours for their piece and some
elements of the design.

There is also an area for refreshments for you to bring.

Team Building II Classes now available: If your team has
learned the basics in the paperweight workshop, perhaps they
are ready for blowing a drinking glass!!! They will each create
their own glass...with the help of the others, of
Each member will get to choose the colours for their
glass and elements of the design.

There is also an area for refreshments for you to bring.


Twelve Week Developmental Glassblowing Courses
$1,250.00 plus tax

Tuesday nights from 7pm - 10pm
Developmental glassblowing class starts:
2 spots left - Tuesday February 6 - May 2018


Developmental Glassblowing

Tuesday nights from 7-10PM.

Work at your own level and learn many
styles and techniques of glassblowing.

Every week we demonstrate a new form with a different
colour technique and help each student make their own.

After the 12 weeks students are able to rent out studio
time or sign up for another developmental glassblowing class.

We supply all tools and materials.


If you don't see the date you would like to book available please call or email us. More dates are available than shown. Or if you wish to buy more time, three or four hour time segments that is also available.

Any workshops or Team Building events can be scheduled during The Class Available time slots or during the week between 10am - 6pm.

Check availibilty by clicking the links below.
If you don't see the date you want feel free to contact us and discuss options!

July 2018 calendar
August 2018 calendar
September 2018 calendar
October 2018 calendar
November 2018 calendar
December 2018 calendar

Call or email to book into any timeslot that says OPEN for any of our fabulous One Hot Date Series, Team Building Events or Birthday Parties or a Custom Glassblowing Workshop!

If you would like to apply for one of our student programs, or if you would like more information,
please call 519-846-8268 or e-mail us tk@blownawayglassstudio.com and we will contact you promptly.

All courses are paid for in full at time of booking and are non-refundable and non-transferrable, and time slots cannot be changed.

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